uBettina Wethu

She’s beautiful

A naïve fashion-awkward rural girl gets a job working for one of Joburg’s most eligible bachelors. Despite the challenges, she excels, winning his heart and succeeding in business beyond her wildest dreams.

uBettina Wethu (Our Bettina) is the South African adaptation of the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, La Fea, which has been successfully adapted in 19 territories world-wide including Betty En NY which premiered in February 2019 on US Hispanic network Telemundo, rating as the top Spanish-language program in its timeslot. uBettina Wethu will closely follow the tender, comic tone of La Fea, staying true to the original storylines and characters but with the glamour of Ugly Betty and a dash of Mzansi.


Albertina (Bettina, Betty) Sikhakane, is a smart, charming, kind-hearted young woman from rural Natal who has always dreamed of being in the fashion business. Even though she is hard working and passionate, her dream to date has been thwarted by one thing: Bettina is slightly less than attractive in a world that demands beauty. When publishing mogul Linda Jiyane recruits her to work for his player son, Dingaan, what Bettina doesn’t know is that Linda has appointed her because of her looks, hoping this will prevent Dingaan from sleeping with her as he has done with his latest PA (and nearly every woman in Sandton).

Bettina wins over Dingaan’s respect with her kind-heartedness and determination, and the two become allies as she helps him protect Nubia Online in the high-paced, backstabbing world of fashion. But it will take all of Betty’s resilience and home-spun charm to see her through the many challenges that she will have to overcome, the least of which is adapting to the superficial appearance driven world of Johannesburg and the fashion industry.

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