Victoria Island

Romantic capers, corporate ventures, clashing cultures, warring spouses: Business is booming for VIPS, but life on VICTORIA ISLAND has its complications.

VICTORIA ISLAND (V.I. for short) tells the story of Kemi, a brilliant, beautiful Nigerian-American who relocates to Nigeria. KEMI NWANERI, 30, is an “Afropolitan”: She identifies as Nigerian but feels most at home in America. When Kemi went to Lagos last Christmas, the last thing she expected was to find a husband…but LANRE, 35, the son of an oil tycoon, wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Before Kemi, Lanre was a so-called Yoruba Demon: Famous for wooing women and infamous for leaving them. In Kemi he found his dreamgirl and, within months, proposed. Kemi hesitated. Kemi’s father worried. But Kemi’s mother insisted: Not marrying Lanre would be a mistake. Overnight, Kemi has gone from being a management consultant (fulfilling) to a Victoria Island society wife (boring). For months she’s been seeking something to do. And she’s finally found it.