uBettina Wethu - Season 2

She’s beautiful.

LOGLINE: A kind-hearted, smart, quirky woman gets promoted at the brand management company she works for and must prove that she has leadership potential despite people assuming that because she is not stylish, she must be stupid. All of this while she battles relationship problems with her boss and his brother which threaten to cloud her already-blurred boundaries and her being successful in her job.

WHAT IF: A fashion-awkward, straight-talking young woman was employed by a branding company whose sole purpose is to carefully curate their and their client’s image? The only thing standing between you and your dream of running a successful business is your boss, who is also the man you’re in love with? You could find a sense of belonging no matter how much you are ‘othered’?

uBettina Wethu (Our Betty) is a melodrama, romcom that tells the story of Bettina Sikhakane, a kindhearted, smart but quirky young woman with a dream of running her own business. The series deals with the core themes of belonging, self-worth and the struggle against societal expectations as Betty faces many trials and tribulations making a name for herself in the brand management industry.