The Umbrella Men

A ragtag bunch of musicians are forced to rob a bank during the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival in an effort to save their nightclub. In this Robin Hoodesque caper, will the ‘Prodigal son’ be able to pull off the heist of the year and save his family.

Jerome returns to Cape Town to bury his father. He is surprised to learn that his father has left him the Jazz Club (The Goema) and the Club’s minstrel troupe – THE UMBRELLA MEN. Just as he is getting used to the idea of owning a nightclub – he discovers the Bank is foreclosing on the Club unless he can come up with the cash in 14 days. After exhausting every possible option – ‘with his back to the wall’, Jerome and his band of musicians are forced to rob the Bank.

The catch – he falls for the girl at the bank. If he tells her the plan, he risks losing the love of his life – if he does not tell her the plan he risks going to jail – as she is the only one that can get them outta the banks vault. How deeply does she love this fool? In this Robin Hood-esque Caper, Jerome uses the chaos of the street carnival to dig into the local bank. The plan is tight however these are not crack heist men, they are… musicians.