Desert Run

It’s not a game anymore…

Four young American immigrant gamers are recruited as pilots at a military drone base in West Africa where they uncover and try to stop a plot to assassinate G8 leaders.

Desert Run is an action-packed drama that revolves around four super-talented, young, immigrant gamers whose lives are turned upside down when they are recruited as military drone pilots. The gamers are targeted because of their unique skills which make them the elite of the gaming world. But they are completely unprepared for military life and the trauma of actual combat when their first mission ends with the death of two innocent children.

This is the story about young people, thrust into the midst of war, and their fight to maintain their identity in a system designed to enforce conformity. They struggle, in their own way, to hold on to their humanity and their right to think for themselves; Ilozuma, originally from Nigeria, rediscovers his African identity when he allows a local boy to breach his emotional walls. Asim, of French Algerian descent, finds a dangerous love amid war and violence. Grace, a 2nd generation Asian American, breaks the rules and rebels against the traditional expectations foisted upon her. Don, a highly committed American patriot, loses his fight against the system and ultimately, his life.

As their personal lives begin to unravel and they are forced to carry out increasingly morally questionable missions, the team find themselves driven to find answers to the real reason behind the US drone operations in Africa. Their search for the truth uncovers a conspiracy, at the highest levels in Washington, to assassinate G8 leaders, forcing the rookies to work together to expose the truth and prevent the conspirators from accomplishing their goal.

Season 1 Episode 1

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uBettina Wethu - Season 1 Episode 1