Ten years into the future after the world slide caused by the COVID pandemic, self-involved hip-hop megastar Krokodil must discover his true preternatural identity if he is to save Africa from secret agents, chemical and biological warmongers, vaccine despots and suicidal supremacists.

2031. Self-involved Ivorian-South African hip hop Superstar Krokodil learns his entire existence has been built on a lie, weaved by those he trusts most to “protect” him. He discovers that he is the “special” son of Ivorian virologist and intelligence agent, Thomas Kavally and mother Mutwa Zulu, Goddess of the waters and grandson of Baba (Grand Master Marabout).
Krokodil is initiated into the mysterious reptilian powers of his family bloodline, in preparation for battles leading up to a simmering war. A war being ignited by the morally questionable “Dr Death”, a crazed scientist who seeks to eradicate an entire race based purely on his refusal to accept change and loss of power, and Augustin Okam, the not so intelligent head of intelligence.
Krokodil often makes mistake, fatal ones, while learning to control his untapped otherworldly powers and must ultimately decide between answering the siren’s calls of revenge and hatred or transcending those violent impulses for the greater good of humanity, while at all costs protecting his fiancée, his newborn crocodile his music, his people and his continent. As the chosen one, he is tasked with gathering all the spiritual forces of the continent to fight for its survival.