Wild is the Wind

In a small racially segregated town, a corrupt cop struggles to take responsibility for his part in the wrongful arrest of a black teenager charged for the brutal murder of a young Afrikaans girl.

Detective Sergeant Vusi Matsoso (37), lives a life in which he easily justifies his corruption, because he believes that being a black cop in a racist town, is a life ‘fated’ to struggle. But when he discovers that he has wrongfully arrested a black teenage boy for murder, he realises that the only way to bring the true killer to justice, would require him to become a ‘real’ policeman and follow procedural practices.

This transforms him with complete certainty into a man that ultimately understands the true tragedy of his past actions.

Equal parts Fincher-esque procedural drama in a small, quaint South African town, and character-driven allegory of a country’s racist and subjugated history, Wild is the Wind is a story for our times and all time.